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About the Book

What Happened at Kate's House by Jason Temple

A Young Adult Drama

A lot can change in ten years.

Kate, Amaya and Steve have been best friends since the second grade, but the start of senior year finds them all in very different places. Kate feels lost after dumping her long-term boyfriend, the bully who sent Steve to the hospital and drove him away. Amaya’s insecurities have led to a string of bad choices and worse relationships. And Steve feels more comfortable rolling a 10-sided die with his raid party than hanging out with his two best friends.

And then there's Ashley.

After three, long years apart, Steve jumps at the chance to see Kate and Amaya at Kate’s 'End of Summer' party. None are sure where their friendship stands, but each hopes for something more while fearing a single word of what they feel could tear them apart again -- this time forever.

As the sun goes down and the music turns up, one thing is for certain -- this will be a party no one will forget.

What Happened at Kate's House is Jason Temple's debut novel. This multi point-of-view novel explores critical topics in today's society including:


  • Bullying,

  • Social warfare,

  • Love, and

  • The changing facets of friendship as we get older.

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