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A YA Drama by
Jason Temple

A lot can change in ten years...

About the Book

A  lot can change in ten years...

Kate, Amaya and Steve have been best friends since the second grade, but the start of senior year finds them all in very different places.  

And then there's Ashley...

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"I want more! I can't wait until the next book comes out! I can definitely see this being my new favorite book series to read!"

—  S. Gordon

About the Author

Jason Temple has lived in Southern Ontario, Canada his entire life. He loves the arts and performing. A true Renaissance man, Temple has tried his hand at open mic nights, karaoke, professional wrestling, and competitive martial arts. Currently he works as an IT field specialist and lives happily with his wife and three children

What Happened at Kate’s House is Temple's debut novel. It explores themes of love, friendship, social warfare, and bullying.

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